XXIII International Student Conference "Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe" with special focus on "Migration and Politics"

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2024-06-05 - 2024-06-05


Nazwa obiektu: Institute of Political Science
Ulica i numer: Koszarowa 2/3
Miasto i kod: 51-149 Wrocław


Institure of Political Science

Opis wydarzenia

From the beginning of the XXI century various sources were indicating significant changes in mobility of people worldwide. Among crucial factors that sparked such intensified movement were global economic crisis, wars in Africa and Middle East, technological development and most recently COVID-19 pandemic. Like in domino effect, mass migrations had initiated cavalcade of phenomena among which we can note so-called EU ‘Migration Crisis’, rebirth of right-wing populist parties, ongoing and everlasting threat of terrorism, strained relationships between neighbouring countries (especially those bordering directly with EU countries) and finally constantly growing threat of Russian imperialism.

Presented topic had already inspired numerous political, sociological and cultural studies, although the scope and range of ongoing changes, makes existing sources insufficient, creating thus constant need for more and more fresh research projects. If you are interested in discussing topics such as future impact of migration on local and international politics, influence of migration on social sentiments and people’s attitudes, role of migration experiences in formulation of individual identity or historical reconstruction of various events involving migration topics, we would like to invite you to join us on XXIII edition of our Student Conference.

Conference will be held on 5th of June 2024 in the Institute of Political Science at University of Wrocław. XXIII International Student Conference "Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe" is dedicated to BA and MA students, PhD candidates and young post-doc scientists who are eager to share and develop their academic skills.

If you would like to actively take part in the conference and give a speech, please register using this link: https://forms.office.com/e/r4tkqsWyND

Please note that registration and participation in the conference is free. Registered participants of the conference will receive certificate of attendance and will be invited for lunch.

If you would like to passively take part in the conference as a listener and maybe discuss with us various topics please feel free to join us. Panels will be open for everyone.

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XXIII International Student Conference "Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe" - Migration and Politics - Instytut Politologii (uwr.edu.pl)

XXIII International Student Conference
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