Natural Science Baltic Conference

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2024-04-20 - 2024-04-21


Nazwa obiektu: online
Ulica i numer: online
Miasto i kod: online


Uniwersytet Gdański (organizacje studencko-doktoranckie)

Opis wydarzenia

The Natural Science Baltic Conference (NSBC) is a continuation and extension of the Baltic Chemistry Conference. This year, scientists from the fields of chemistry, biology and physics will have the opportunity to present their results. As an international forum, NSBC invites all interested people from around the world to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue, supporting cooperation between different scientific disciplines.

The aim of the NSBC, organized by students and PhD students of the University of Gdańsk, is to create an opportunity to present scientific achievements and exchange their experiences. Each registered participant will receive a certificate confirming participation in the conference, which is free of charge. NSBC will be held online via the Microsoft Teams application.

Key Dates:

Registration: February 15 - March 22, 2024

Video Submission for Posters/Presentations: March 29, 2024

Conference Schedule: April 7-14, 2024

Conference Online: April 20-21, 2024

NSBC offers Presentation Sessions for speakers to share their research via pre-recorded or live videos, followed by interactive Q&A sessions. Additionally, the conference features a Poster Session, allowing presenters to showcase their work through video posters and engage in online discussions.

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*Limited seats available. Apply early.
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Natural Science Baltic Conference
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