7th International Conference on "The New Economics of Cultural Tourism"

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2012-06-14 - 2012-06-15


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Ulica i numer: Trzebieszowice 151
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College of Management "Edukacja" in Wroclaw, Poland

Opis wydarzenia


Considerations of conference participants are to lead to a deeper reflection on the position of cultural tourism in a market economy and social life in the age of liquid modernity. The mass nature and scale of tourism in such form mean that it is usually regarded as one of the stimuli of economic development, but also as a special area of education and upbringing in both, the individual and social dimension. However, there are many doubts about the real contribution of tourism to creating, on one hand, decent living conditions for individuals and a society, on the other - creating values traditionally attributed to cultural tourism, such as tolerance and sensitivity to poverty. These doubts arise, among others, from the observations made at the level of tourism enterprises, whose practices often seem to be motivated solely by profit and which are far from ethics, as well as, from a global perspective, where chaos rules, which reflects the intensifying crisis of capitalism, the collapse of regulatory mechanisms and social unrest. And last but not least, changes in social relationships and their orientation to individual needs, sometimes in an extreme scale.


In reports on scientific research and reflection on personal experience being a basis for the discussion and exchange of views, refereces to the following issues shall be sought:
  • Cultural tourism and cultural economy
  • Commercialization of the natural environment
  • Experience as the market value
  • Measurement and valuation of tourist values
  • Place marketing and manipulation
  • Ethical business in sustainable tourism
  • Shock Doctrine and the socialization of tourism management
  • Social Tourism in the context of the social economy
  • Travel experience in the context of the new philosophy of existence
The planned conference shall be interdisciplinary, thus voices of such professionals as economists, political scientists, sociologists, psychologists, demographers, cultural studies experts, geographers, architects, journalists, travellers and writers are welcomed .  

Conference patronage:

Patrons of Honour: Prof. Zdzislaw Knecht, Ph.D., - Rector of WSZ "Edukacja" Urszula Nowak - President OKiDZ "Edukacja" Maciej Awiżeń – Starosta of Kłodzko District Boguslaw Szpytma – Mayor of Kłodzko Stanislaw Longawa – Commune Head of Kłodzko


Scientific Committee:Chairman: Arch. Mieczyslaw K. Leniartek, Ph.D. Eng. Scientific Secretary: Jolanta Kowal, Ph.D., prof. at College of Management "Edukacja" in WrocławMembers:Prof. Grzegorz Gołembski, Ph.D., Poznan University of Economics Prof. Lesław Koćwin, Ph.D., Opole University Prof. Andrzej Kowalczyk, Ph.D., University of Warsaw Prof. Włodzimierz Kurek, Ph.D., Jagiellonian University Prof. Jan Łoboda, Ph.D., College of Management "Edukacja" in Wroclaw Prof. Krzysztof R. Mazurski, Ph.D., College of Management "Edukacja" in Wrocław Prof. Krzysztof Przecławski, Ph.D., University of Warsaw Prof. Aniela Styś, Ph.D., Wroclaw University of Economics Damian Knecht, Ph.D., prof. at WSZ-E, College of Management "Edukacja" in Wrocław Richard Nicholls, Ph.D., prof. at UE, Poznań University of Economics Aleksander Panasiuk, Ph.D., prof. at Szczecin University Jacek Sojka, Ph.D., prof. at Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznańInitiating committee: Teresa Bogacz, Ph.D Włodzimierz Ranoszek, Ph.D. Krzysztof Widawski, Ph.D.


Conference Secretary: Joanna Przerywacz-Orzechowska Tel. no.: + 48 74 867 05 53 E-mail address: jorzechowska@edukacja.wroc.pl

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