International Conference SECURITY & FORECASTING 2023 – SEC4: Multidimensional Challenges for National and International Security in the Context of Hybrid Warfare

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2023-06-01 - 2023-06-02


Nazwa obiektu: Akademia Sztuki Wojennej
Ulica i numer: al. gen. Chruściela „Montera” 103
Miasto i kod: 00-910 Warszawa


Akademia Sztuki Wojennej

Opis wydarzenia

The full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine has changed the architecture of international security, and has also served as a reminder of how serious a threat hybrid actions are to state and international security. Cyber-attacks, information warfare, instrumentalisation of migratory movements, fuelling anti-refugee sentiment or acts of sabotage targeting the critical infrastructure of NATO and EU states are just examples of the broad spectrum of Russian activity.

Hybrid activities not only expose Western states to further dangers, but can also destabilise their functioning. Their multidimensionality provokes an in-depth debate on new challenges to national and international security. The term hybrid threat, in turn, refers to an action taken by states and non-state actors with the aim of destabilising or harming the object of attack through the combined use of overt and covert means, both military and non-military.

Unprecedented hybrid attacks are constantly being experienced by, for example, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, repelling aggressive disinformation activities and provocations against officers and soldiers involved in stopping illegal border crossing attempts organised by the Belarusian regime with the support and approval of the Kremlin. The cynical hybrid operation is part of Russia's long-term and hostile strategy against the West. This is accompanied by another wave of economic shock in global markets. Economic sanctions, energy and food crises, inflation in many countries, unstable financial markets, currency fluctuations, are creating new challenges with a direct impact on the contemporary security environment. In public discourse, more and more attention is being paid not only to the necessary crisis mitigation measures, but also to maintaining unity in allied and community structures.

The aim of the conference is to identify, analyse and assess the challenges and threats emerging at various levels of security in the context of hybrid warfare, in the military, political, economic, cyber, information, environmental and social areas, as well as to attempt to make forecasts in these areas. The complexity of the issues addressed will also contribute to the exchange of scientific and practical experience in diagnosing changes in the national and international security environment, as well as raising the level of awareness and knowledge in this area. An additional objective is to integrate the scientific community and stimulate interdisciplinary debate on the current and future security environment.


1. Definitions and theoretical assumptions of hybrid warfare
2. Military security in the context of hybrid warfare
3. Political security in the context of hybrid warfare
4. Economic security in the context of hybrid warfare
5. Cyber security in the context of hybrid warfare
6. Information security in the context of hybrid warfare
7. Environmental security in the context of hybrid warfare
8. Societal security in the context of hybrid warfare
9. State, regional and global security in the context of hybrid warfare
10. Ways to counter hybrid threats
11. Projected directions of changes in the balance of power in Europe after the end of the war in Ukraine
12. Scenarios for the development of the situation in Ukraine - implications for the security of Poland
13. The evolution of security strategies of European states after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine
14. Security policy of European states in the era of hybrid threats
15. Hybrid activities of the Russian Federation against the sovereignty of Ukraine since 1991

Registration deadline: 9 May 2023
Registration form:
Abstracts in English and Polish are accepted

Full cost of participation in the conference: 580 PLN / 125 EUR
Participation in the conference with a presentation, without gala dinner: 480 PLN / 110 EUR
Participation in the conference with a presentation, without publication: 340 PLN / 75 EUR
On-line participation with a presentation OR publication of an article without presenting the paper during conference: 240 PLN / 55 EUR

The full conference fee includes: participation in the conference, lunch and gala dinner on the 1st day of the event, snacks during coffee breaks and publication of the article in a reviewed monograph OR in a scientific journal.

Within the conference fee, the organizers provide publication in one of the two forms listed below:

1. Article in the Security & Defense Quarterly journal (70 MEiN points, 100 ICV) - articles to be published in the journal have to be written in English; all papers must be prepared in accordance with the journal's requirements available at: Call for papers to the special issue and the submission deadline will be published the journal's website.

2. Chapter in the reviewed monograph - papers in Polish and in English will be accepted. Articles to be published in a monograph should be sent to or by 31 August 2023. The organizers reserve the right to reject the article if it does not meet the substantive and editorial criteria. The decision on the form of publication of the conference materials will be made by the Organizing Committee in consultation with the Scientific Council of the conference. Editorial guidelines for the papers submitted to the monograph will be sent to all participants after the announcement of the list of participants.

The Scientific Council reserves the right to select the speakers whose papers will be presented during the conference.


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580 PLN / 125 EUR

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International Conference  SECURITY & FORECASTING 2023 – SEC4: Multidimensional Challenges for National and International Security in the Context of Hybrid Warfare
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