XXII International Student Conference 'Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe'

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2023-06-01 - 2023-06-01


Nazwa obiektu: Instytut Politologii
Ulica i numer: Koszarowa 3
Miasto i kod: 51-149 Wrocław


Instytut Politologii Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego

Opis wydarzenia

Democracy is among the most popular political system around the world. Giovanni Sartori claimed that democracy is the most favourable political regime, because it is the only system in which there are combined ones individual sense of freedome, obligations and responsibilities. Robert Dahl claims that democracy, especially polyarchy is forged in difficult process of evolution and achievement of full democratic form of governing should be the aim of any country around the world. Lastly we can cite Francis Fukuyama who in his most important predictions claimed that constitution of modern democracy and vide-spread of the regime marked the ‘end of history’. Democracy thus is associated with a desired ‘aim’ or ‘good’ that needs to be preserved, defended and propagated.

Today we know that Fukuyama’s predictions were too optimistic and vast amount of studies gives serious premises to state that ‘democracy’ is today the most controversial topic for political sciences. Studies conducted by Varieties of Democracy, World Value Study or European Social Survey organizations confirm that democracy means different things for people living in different cultures and socio-economical conditions. In the outcome democracy had became a ‘popular’ or ‘trendy’ term used by various regimes, parties and leaders to mask their true undemocratic world views and actions (vide Russian Federation). Political initiatives like ACTA raised serious question about borders of citizens rights and individual freedome when set against the agenda of international organization and state governments in tracking personal data. COVID-19 pandemic raised serious political crisis for western democracies in form of manifestation against lock-downs and pro-vacine politics. Immigration crisis gave spark for serious debate about social exclusion and inclusion. In all of those instances term ‘democracy’ was used as a term do defend freedome of choice or freedome of beliefs – yet was it//is it valid?

If you are interested in discussing such topics as future of democracy, crisis of democracy, satisfaction from democracy, critique of democracy, quality of democracy and lastly relation of democracy, responsibility and freedome we would like to invite you to join us on XXII edition of students conference. Conference will be held on 1st of June 2023 in the Institute of Political Science of University of Wrocław.

Please note that registration and participation in the conference is free. Registered participants of the conference will recive certificate of attendance and will be invited for free lunch.

If you would like to passively take part in the conference as a listener and maybe discuss with us various topics please feel free to come. Panel will be open for everyone.

udział w tym wydarzeniu jest bezpłatny

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XXII International Student Conference 'Politics and Society in Central and Eastern Europe'
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