1st European Summer School in Process Philosophy

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2010-08-02 - 2010-08-07


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The Whitehead Metaphysical Society

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1st European Summer School in Process Philosophy, 2nd - 7th August 2010, Katowice, Poland This international summer school is the first of its kind ever held in Europe in the field of process philosophy. It will take place in Katowice in co-operation with the host institution, the Franciscan Seminary. The summer school is organized by four European process philosophy associations: * the Bulgarian Centre for Process Studies, * the German Whitehead Society, * the Hungarian and Central-European Whitehead Association, * the Whitehead Metaphysical Society. The purpose of the event is to provide access to, and make deep contact with, the thought of Alfred North Whitehead, a philosopher whom we believe formulated a new background for the times we live in and the times ahead. During the week of the summer school, participants will be able to look into Whitehead’s original philosophical texts and to discover how process philosophy can help us interpret the subtleties of the sciences and humanities. The lecturers at the summer school come from several countries and have great experience in teaching process philosophy. In afternoon seminars we together will be seeking to construct a new coherent, logical, adequate and applicable vision of the contemporary world. We warmly invite: * undergraduate and post-graduate students and graduates from abroad * researchers to offer lectures and lead seminars or workshops who are interested in process philosophy and in learning from and inspiring each other in new ways. Please contact us if you wish to attend the summer school as a lecturer or as a participant. The Franciscan monastery is located in the middle of an old and beautiful park where the atmosphere favours deeper feeling and thinking than is normally possible. The entire cost of accommodation and food is 45€. The fee can be paid after coming to the monastery (or by bank transfer to our account: iban: Pekao SA: PL 57 1240 1330 1111 0010 1067 5804; bic: PKOPPLPW) We will attempt to find funds to cover at least part of the travel costs for some students based on a letter of recommendation written by the tutor or supervisor of the student. Please contact Jakub Dziadkowiec, the secretary of the summer school, at jdziadkowiec@student.kul.lublin.pl. The deadline for completed application forms is 30 June 2010. Further information and the application form is soon available on our website http://panewniki.towarzystwo.pl/english/. Please forward this information to those who might be interested in this unique and important opportunity!! Please visit our website.

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45 €

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