MET Management, Economy and Technology

Data rozpoczęcia i zakończenia wydarzenia

2024-09-26 - 2024-09-27


Nazwa obiektu: Kielce University of Technology
Ulica i numer: Al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7
Miasto i kod: 25-314 Kielce


Kielce University of Technology

Opis wydarzenia


Contemporary socio-economic and political processes increase uncertainty and risk in the operation of commercial and public sector entities. Changing conditions require constant monitoring and searching for innovative solutions to current problems faced by managers and decision-makers. The aim of the conference is to exchange views, knowledge and results of ongoing research. The thematic area of the conference covers broadly understood contemporary challenges arising from changes affecting the course of processes in the field of economy, management and technology.
The conference is addressed to representatives of management science, economics and engineering, as well as economic practitioners, representatives of state and local administration.


  • Megatrends, Threats and Risks of Social and Economic Development
  • Environmental Challenges and Activities for Sustainable Development
  • Modern Trends in Management and Technology
  • Management of Quality, Productivity and Organizational Excellence
  • Innovativeness and Competitiveness in the Economy
  • Green Deal and Zero-emission Economy
  • Smart City
  • Smart Manufacturing, Industry 5.0
  • Computer Science Technologies in Management
  • Security Challenges for the Business and Economy


  • Introductory lecture given by an expert - a scientist or practitioner with outstanding achievements
  • Presentation of papers and discussions in thematic sections
  • Presentation of papers in the form of posters (for representative of students scientific associations)
  • Debate with posing questions, hypotheses and seeking answers


The official languages of the Conference are English and Polish.


Authors are welcome to submit original and unpublished research articles and case studies. All paper submitted to the conference should be related to the conference topics. The languages of the conference proceedings are English and Polish. Initially, for scientific and organizational reasons, authors should submit Abstracts (no more than300 words) using the online form on the Conference.


April 10, 2024 Deadline of abstracts delivery
April 30, 2024 Notification of abstracts acceptance


If the abstract is accepted as relevant to the conference topics, the Authors are welcome to submit a full paper. Manuscripts should be provided in MS word format (file extension *.docx) as a camera-ready paper due to the guidelines given on the conference website as a paper template. Full papers should be submitted using the online form. Each paper will be peerreviewed by at least two members of the Scientific Committee. Due to time limitations, only selected papers will be qualified for presentation in scientific sessions.


May 15, 2024 Paper submissions deadline
June 15, 2024 Notification about paper acceptance


Scientific articles submitted to the conference, after positive review, may be published, among others, in:

  1. Advances in Science and Technology Research Journal, 100 points.
  2. Appleid Computer Science, 70 points.
  3. Central European Review of Economics & Finance, 40 points.
  4. Management, 70 points.
  5. Management and Production Engineering Review, 70 points.
  6. Silesian University of Technology Scientific Papers. Organization & Management, 70 points.
  7. Studies in Law and Economics, 40 points.

The Scientific Committee decides whether an article is qualified for a given journal on the basis of the subject matter, taking into account: the originality of the study, language of the article, thematic consistency with the profile and themes of the journal. However, the acceptance of the article for publication is decided by the publishing house - on the basis of the reviews received. Articles that do not meet the formal requirements will not be submitted for publication.

Opłaty za uczestnictwo:

550 - 1750 zł

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