War and Memory: artistic and cultural representations of individual, collective and national memories in twentieth-century Europe at war

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2012-09-07 - 2012-09-09


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Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Queen’s University of Belfast.

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Presentations centred on the literary, cinematographic and artistic representations of war in the twentieth century, particularly World War I, the Spanish Civil War, and the Second World War, are warmly invited from scholars worldwide, as are papers concerned with the memories of these wars, their legacies and their metamorphoses over the years.  The conference aims to examine the representations in the different disciplines, in different genres and in media such as film and propaganda of the phenomena of war and conflict, together with the way in which individual and collective memories of those phenomena are transmitted. The participating academics will be those who are engaged in research on the cultural and aesthetic effects of war and conflict on Europeans, particularly in the twentieth century.  The conference will include the presentation of results of research devoted to artistic contributions to collective memory-building, with special reference to civil societies in Europe. The conference will explore the modes by which cultural memory of wars and conflicts survives from one era to another, how it is conveyed, and to what extent it is subject to a dual perspective, that of event, ‘rupture’ and transition on the one hand, and that of continuity on the other.  In terms of generations and memory, the original participants are gradually disappearing now, leaving new generations to reinvent the memory, or memories, of wars, superimposing layer upon layer of memory on the original phenomenon as in a palimpsest.  Topical (and occasionally even urgent) issues of cultural ‘amnesia’ that are the consequences of war or conflict will also be subjects of discussion. More information on the conference website.

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Early-bird rate (registration before 30th June 2012): 80 euros/320 PLN. Postgraduate concessionary rate: 60 euros/240 PLN.

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