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2022-06-20 - 2022-06-21


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Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences

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As an archeologist Christopher Tilley reminds us, „A landscape has ontological import because it is lived in and through, mediated, worked on and altered”. The scholar contends that landscapes are experienced in practice while performing various daily activities.

The landscape is an intrinsic component of the theatre and everyday life of Wacław and Erdmute Sobaszek – artists and runners of the Węgajty Theatre. At the beginning of the 1980s they arrived in a small rural settlement of Węgajty, located in northern Poland. The Sobaszeks settled in a destroyed, abandoned farm at the edge of the forest and became one of the most significant representants of the Polish alternative theatre.

The working session, that is a part of the conference Węgajty as a verb? landscapes communities borderlands, seeks to explore the role of landscape in theatrical activities undertaken by artists around the world. We invite submissions from scholars who are investigating the relationship between theatre and landscape (broadly conceived). The goal of this working session is to foster discussion about the role of landscape in shaping theatrical activities and the role of theatre in „the proces of formation of the landscape” [Tim Ingold].  

Selected topics papers may address (but are not limited to) include:

·         Synergy/disturbance between theatre and nature

·         Theatre and rural landscape

·         Theatre and cultural/natural landscape

[A geographer Yi-Fu Tuan mobilized a term ‘topophilia’ that expresses „human being’s affective ties with the material environment”]

·         Environmental theatre

·         Theatre and ecology

·         Theatre and ‘imagined landscapes’

[Tim Ingold claims that „landscapes are also imagined, not only perceived”]

·         Theatre and ‘landscape-phenomena’

[Due to a philosopher and an art historian Mateusz Salwa „landscape is perceived by people in a certain way” as an aesthetic experience]

·         Spectatorship and landscape

The aim of the working session is to rethink theatre within landscape from a range of disciplines. We are especially interested in papers that employ a lens of humanistic geography, anthropology and philosophy.  



We invite participants to submit abstracts of their proposed papers (up to 300 words) with a short biography (150 words) and affiliation by April 10, 2022 via the application form: 


The list of accepted participants will be announced by April 20, 2022

We invite then participants to submit 10 page individual papers by May 31, 2022.

The conference fee that is 250 PLN should be paid by May 31, 2022.

Instytut Sztuki Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego
Al. Jerozolimskie 7
00-955 Warszawa
Swift code: GOSKPLPW
PL 18 1130 1017 0020 1466 5620 0001
Title: konferencja Wegajty, name of the participant

In advance to the working session (3 weeks before the session), papers will be circulated between participants. Participants will be divided tematically into small subgroups, providing feedback and posing broader questions raised by the papers. The full working session will then convene for a discussion, finding valuable connections between papers. Each subgroup will share their discussions with the group as a whole.   

A permanent effect of the working session will be the publication of selected papers in the scientific quarterly ‘Pamiętnik Teatralny’ [Theatrical Memoir] (first half of 2023, https://czasopisma.ispan.pl/index.php/pt/index).



Berleant Arnold, 1992, The Aesthetics of Environment, Philadephia: Temple University Press.

Ingold Tim, 2000, The Perception of the Environment: Essays on Livelihood, Dwelling and Skill, London: Routledge.

Tilley Christopher, 1994, A Phenomenology of Landscape: Place, Paths and Monuments, Oxford: Berg Publishers.

Tuan Yi-Fu, 1974, Topophilia. A study of environmental perception, attitudes, and values, New York: Columbia University Press.

The conference is organized within the research The Węgajty Theatre – 35 years of anthropological theatre and social-cultural exploration (Sonata Bis No. 2017/26/E/HS2/00357 National Science Centre).  


Conference committee:
dr Justyna Biernat
dr Magdalena Hasiuk
mgr Joanna Kocemba-Żebrowska
mgr Joanna Królikowska

Contact: wegajtyconference@gmail.com

Opłaty za uczestnictwo:

250 PLN

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