Legal English for Scholars Made Easy!

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2021-05-07 - 2021-05-09


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Center for American Studies, Center for European Studies

Opis wydarzenia

Center For American Studies in cooperation with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan would like to invite you to participate in an intense weekend course with a U.S. native speaker and scholar (alumnus of the prestigious George Mason University): "Legal English for Scholars Made Easy!"

Knowledge of the so-called general Legal English is not enough if you want to develop substantial writing and comprehension skills as a legal scholar. Even lawyers who normally don’t work in academia can benefit from improving their abilities in writing law journal articles or grants, analyzing historical and contemporary legal text in English, and expanding their legal vocabulary. Because the course is not aimed at teaching the law of a particular state, it is also useful for all those social scientists who encounter law texts from time to time, as well as those who simply want to improve their Legal English.

Our intense "Legal English for Scholars Made Easy!" course begins on Friday afternoon at 6 pm (May 7) and ends on Sunday afternoon at 3.30 pm (May 9).

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Cena regularna 399 zł , Cena promocyjna 259 zł

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Legal English for Scholars Made Easy!
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